Işıklı Taş

Stonelight brand which gives a new impulse to the lighting sector was born in 2002 within the body of HRN DIZAYN. By means of the 20 years protected patent which has been granted to us after a research and investigation period of 6 years throughout the world, our company aiming for being a leader also in the field of decorative lighting has headed towards specialization and raised its standards.

Our aim, by adopting an intense team spirit with our suppliers and staff, is manufacturing our high quality and solid products in world class by utilizing the new technologies and keeping the customer satisfaction at its highest. 

Stonelight is getting stronger day by day and provides our customers with advantage by virtue of the conducted R&D studies.
Hrn Dizayn takes part in special projects by means of the support it provides to the customers before and after sales and contributes in flawless conduction of your projects with the service quality it provides.

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